🚀 We launched a case study with our latest customer, E11EVEN Miami.
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🌊🏄 We are launching zkSurf, the first NFT on zkSync 2.0
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Harness Web3 for improved brand loyalty.

Tap into new customer loyalty, engagement, creator monetization, and tokenized incentive structures

Our technology stack includes the world’s leading Web3 protocols

20+ Years

Combined experience of team in crypto engineering


Sales executed by team members


AVG traffic increase

Attract more customers

Features built for Web3

Create incredible customer loyalty experiences

On-chain Analytics
EIP-2981 Royalties
Loyalty Dashboard
WalletConnect Support
Web3 Redeemables
Automated Email and Messaging
Direct Marketplace Listing
EVM Native
Decentralized Storage

Case Study

E11EVEN Miami

Web3 Loyalty for North America's Top Ultra Club

Led development for NFT-driven ticketing flow for most profitable ultraclub by square foot. Built Web3 optimized operational flow for token-gated event access to IRL events.

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Digital Twin

Designer Jewelry, On-chain

Led development for Digital Twin – a disruptive fashion company working with some of the world's top Instagram jewelry influencers, including Sazingg, L’Dezen and POCHE.

Managed entire token lifecycle and royalty flow for customer and associated influencers.

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Building a dedicated token redemption application and flow

At Europa Labs, we built and are launching a dedicated web3 application flow for the InBetweeners team to power their tokenized Famiglia Designer Hoodie (token redeemable).

Tokenized redeemables are NFTs that are backed by a claim on a physical item, rather than a simple jpeg. Tokenized Redeemables enable luxury good enthusiasts to acquire, hold, and trade claims around scarce collections, without having to deal with custody and shipping during each purchase.

Redeeming is easy – simply trigger the contract redemption function, which can be done via application interface at redeem.inbetweeners.io, and the Designer Hoodie will show up on your front doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got Qs, we’ve got As.

What does Europa Labs do?
Europa provides a full-suite Web3 product engine for brands interested in adopting blockchain technology. The platform offers support for NFTs, digital asset payments, digital tokens for physical redeemables, and more.

The crypto-native team at Europa Labs integrates with protocols such as Ethereum, OpenSea, The Graph, and zkSync to offer composable, cutting edge solutions for their clients. The solution scales along with the customer’s business. Through Europa’s solution, customers can easily mint tokenized redeemables, offer them to their communities, and deliver the digital assets to customers. This allows customers to focus on their business, rather than the underlying Web3 technology.

Europa is a proven SaaS solution built by experienced crypto engineers that makes it simple for brands to enter Web3, and tap into the customer engagement, creator monetization, and tokenized incentive structures that makes Web3 so appealing to consumers and brands.

E-Commerce is already a dominant, 5.5T dollar industry, and the Web3 stack has the potential to disrupt it entirely.

Tokenization of physical goods can transform this entire market. Just like decentralized finance has disrupted traditional finance, and NFTs have disrupted the traditional art market.  We are building a solution to service this niche at scale.
What is Web3 Loyalty?
Consumer brands across all verticals, from Nike and PepsiCo to the NBA - are implementing web3 strategies that enable them to build a more loyal, engaged, and vocal consumer base - all while unlocking new monetization strategies.  At this point in 2022, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand, creator, artist, or organization that isn’t pursuing some sort of a web3/tokenization strategy.

Traditionally, building a Web3 or NFT solution requires hiring a large team of product designers, smart-contract developers, front-end react engineers, backend engineers, and a dev-ops team for hosting the application and maintaining uptime.

We've helped lead many NFT sales and strategies, for brands and artists – we've recognized the need for a plug-and-play solution to get brands up and running against Ethereum and the Web3 stack.

With Europa, brands can dip their toes into the waters of Web3 without having to commit to hiring a 10+ person development team.  We handle all of the technology needed to implement an NFT strategy in a proven and scalable way, opening up time and bandwidth for our clients to focus on sales, customer acquisition, and go-to-market strategies.
How will brands use Europa to drive increased conversion and loyalty?
Europa will help to onboard the next million users onto web3 through minting-as-a-service offerings for brands.  Europa enables brands, creators, and corporates to create and manage NFTs through a single platform and battle-tested user experience.

Our founding team has high conviction that tokenized redeemables, the onchain tokenization of IRL scarce luxury goods – like designer jewlery, handbags, sports equipment and other similar items,  will create an entirely new category vertical of NFTs – and that Europa will become the de-facto solution for brands looking to create these offerings.
What is a tokenized redeemable?
Tokenized redeemables are NFTs that are backed by a limited-edition physical item, like a purse, jewelry, or designer wear, rather than a jpeg. Tokenized Redeemables enable luxury good enthusiasts to acquire, hold, and trade claims around scarce collections, without having to incur the costs associated with custody and shipping during each purchase.

The Europa platform already hosts a wide number of companies, brands, and creators.  Interesting in your own custom-branded Web3 loyalty platform – reach out today!